Scuba Diving in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is also a very young holiday region for diving in Thailand. Koh Lanta belongs to the
province of Krabi and is located 70km south of Krabi. The region is divided into two parts.
There is Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi. Big Lanta and Little Lanta.

The islands together have 22,000 inhabitants.
About 80% of the inhabitants of Koh Lanta are Muslims. The high proportion of Muslims is not one of the attractions in southern Thailand.

Koh Lanta has only been connected to the electricity grid of Thailand since 1995. The residents of
Koh Lanta are very close to nature and connected to their island. Most of the islands are made up of coconut trees. One of the attractions that is unparalleled in Thailand is the regulation
that no hotel may be higher than a coconut tree. Since this is not very interesting for foreign investors in Thailand, 2/3 of the hotel complexes also belong to the locals.

Koh Lanta can be reached by flying into Bangkok. From Bangkok then either a
flight to Krabi or a flight to Phuket. There are direct ferries to Koh Lanta from Krabi.
Coming from Phuket, a transfer to Koh Phi Phi is required. Minibus services are also available from Krabi. The Krabi Ferry runs irregularly every day
from 6am to 10pm.

The island’s hotels are mainly located on Lanta Yai and there only on the west coast.
Hotel Layana Resort & Spa is considered the best hotel for diving in Koh Lanta.

Diving and dive sites in Koh Lanta / Thailand
Thailand diving is not widespread on Koh Lanta. All diving schools and diving bases are in the small village of Saladan, which is not really one of the attractions.
The diving schools and diving centers are:

Dive Zone
Koh Lanta Diving Center
White & Blue Diving

As manageable as the range of diving schools and diving centers is, Koh Lanta is worth diving in Thailand. Attractions in the Koh Lanta diving region include:
Fantasy Rock, Koh Ma, Koh Ha, Ko Ngai, Hin Muang, Hin Daeng and Koh Waen.
Except for Hin Muang and Hin Daeng, all dive sites are suitable for beginners.

Fantasy Rock is also called Koh Bida Noi and is 8m to 28m deep. Visibility is
pretty good for Thailand diving at 25m. Fantasy Rock is more suitable for advanced surfers, as there is sometimes a strong current. Underwater attractions include batfish, moray eels, scorpion fish and leopard sharks.

Koh Ma is particularly suitable for beginners. Koh Ma is a fairly shallow dive site.
He only goes from 8m depth to 10m depth. Koh Ma consists of hard coral fields.
You can also dive to scorpionfish and moraines.
Koh Ma has hardly any current and visibility ranges from 5 to 15m.

Another attraction for beginners in Thailand diving is Koh Ha. Koh Ha is
between 8m and 25m deep. There is hardly any current on Koh Ha either. The visibility is
15m to 30m but better than in front of Koh Ma. The sea creatures off Koh Ha are attractions in themselves. Manta rays, glassfish and also whale sharks have been sighted while diving.

A very nice dive site is Koh Ngai. Koh Ngai is also called Koh Hai. Koh Ngai is between 8m and 25m deep. Since there is hardly any current here either, Koh Ngai is also ideal for Thailand diving beginners. The visibility is unfortunately only 5m to 10m.
This is a great pity, as interesting sea creatures live off Koh Ngai. Parrotfish, triggerfish, batfish, lobster, tuna, turtles and very nice hard coral patches are seen off Koh Ngai.

The Violet Rock, that’s what Hin Muang is called. There is hardly any current around Hin Muang, but
due to the depth Hin Muang is only suitable for experienced Thai diving.
Hin Muang is between 8m and 70m deep. This depth is one of the attractions of Thailand diving.
Hin Muang is the deepest dive site in Thailand. Batfish and soft corals live around the rocks.

Right across from Hin Muang the purple rock is Hin Daeng. Hin Daeng is the Red Rock.
Hin Daeng is not quite as deep as Hin Muang with its 10m to 60m depth. Nevertheless, you
reach the limits of Thailand diving here. The current is low, but even at a depth of “only” 60m
, only experienced Thailand divers should dare to go to the dive site.
Mackerel, barracuda and fusiliers swim around Hin Daeng.

One of the very special attractions when diving in Thailand is Koh Waen. Koh Waen are
diveable caves. Koh Waen is between 8m and 15m deep. The visibility is very different. They are between 5m and 25m. Since there is hardly any current, Koh Waen is one
of the beginner attractions in Thailand. In the caves themselves, however, only advanced divers should
dare to dive in terms of Thailand. Giant zacki, puffer fish and remoras have
found their habitat around Koh Waen.

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