Scuba diving in Phi-phi Island

Diving in Koh Phi Phi / Thailand
48km from Phuket and 40km from Krabi is the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. Koh Phi Phi is also known as Phi Phi Island. However, this is not the name commonly used in Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi is divided into a main island and a side island. Koh Phi Phi Don is the main island and Koh Phi Phi Leh is the subsidiary island. The main island is 28 square kilometers in size.
Koh Phi Phi Don is also called Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

The 1999 film “The Beach” was shot on the neighboring island of Koh Phi Phi Leh.
The film, set in Thailand, stars Leonardo di Caprio, who went diving on the Titanic two years earlier.

Koh Phi Phi is reached by ferry from Phuket or Krabi.
The travel time is three hours in both cases . The ferries run twice a day.

On Phi Phi Island, the hotels are mostly located near the attractions on the main island of
Koh Phi Phi Don.
Hotel Zeavola is one of the hotels that make diving in Thailand easy .

Koh Pi Phi is a diving region that is growing in popularity in Thailand.
This is due to the many attractions that there are to dive. On Koh Phi Phi there are now a large number of diving centers and diving schools for Thailand diving.
As in all of Thailand when diving, make sure that the dive center has usable equipment.

Diving and diving trips in Koh Phi Phi / Thailand
The diving centers that have been considered professional in terms of Thailand diving for years include the following:

Aquanauts Scuba
Barracuda Diving Center
Harlequin Scuba Diving Center
Hippo Divers
Island Divers
Moskito Diving Center
Para Dive
Phi Phi Diver
Phi Phi Divers Team
Phi Phi Princess Divers
Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center
PPK Diving
Sea Frog
Viking Divers
White and Blue Dive Club Koh Phi Phi

The above diving schools and diving centers for Thailand offer the following attractions related to Thailand diving. Diving trips to Bida Nai,
Garang Heng, Loh Samah Bay, Phi Phi Shark Point, Bida Nok, Hin Dot and Maya Wall which is a special attraction are offered. The currents at the dive sites are very changeable.
It is therefore advisable to only dive with experienced local divers who can give an accurate assessment of the situation.

Bida Nai is one of Thailand’s attractions for those interested in underwater flora.
One can experience staghorn corals, whip corals and barrel sponges up close.
Other attractions include the leopard sharks. Bida Nai is 5m to 30m deep.
The currents at Bida Nai dive site are very changeable. The current ranges from none to
very strong.
Depending on the current, Bida Nai is also a dive site for beginners. Visibility varies from 10m to 20m.

At the dive site Garang Heng you will experience one of the rather rare attractions when diving in Thailand. Here in Garang Heng, yellowtail baracuda can be seen while diving. Fusiliers and snappers are also available at Garang Heng.
The visibility is rather moderate at 5m to 15m. Garang Heng is 8m to 24m deep.

The attraction of Loh Samah Bay dive site is the angelfish. There are very few other dive sites in Thailand where you can dive with angelfish. In addition to the angelfish, there are
also scorpionfish and lionfish at Loh Samah Bay.
The depth at Loh Samah Bay is between 5m to 20m. Visibility is poor
to moderate at 5m to 15m. Since there is little current at Loh Samah Bay, the dive site is also
very suitable for beginners.

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